Brewcraft #12 | 4.5% Vol


Summit Hopped Pale Ale.

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Poking the Bear Summit Hopped Pale Ale from Warwick Brewery Slaughterhouse
Night Rider Stout Brewed in Warwick by Slaughterhouse Brewery

Brewcraft #13 | 4.5% Vol


A stout that came from Roswell? Crafted in our very own Unidentified Fermenting Office (the brewery), the recipe for this smooth stout came from a night time alien visit. Are you ready to Night Ride with us?

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Bitter | #01 | 4.3% Vol


The OG! An amber coloured conversational bitter with a distinctive ‘Challenger’ hop flavour. Our oldest and best selling bitter. Available in 18, 9 and 4.5-gallon casks as well as 20 and 10-litre beer boxes.

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Saddleback Bitter from Slaughterhouse BRewery. Model Steve Ridgway. Master Brewer.
Brainwave. A DDH IPA from Slaughterhouse Brewery

IPA | BrewCraft #14 | 5% Vol


Take a dip into this delicious DDH IPA that some say may improve your swimming and intelligence, or it just may refresh on a summer’s day. Let’s dive in.

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Those that went before

We’re constantly developing new beers, it’s not Witchcraft, it’s Brewcraft. Want one of these beers back in production?

Slaughterhouse Beers from the Brewery in Warwick


We’ve got our own pub in Warwick, the Wild Boar with it’s very own micro-brewery inside. Come along and drink our beer, guest ales and find out why we’re a CAMRA pub.

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Wild Boar Pub Warwick


We’re not a flash brewery.
We’re a DIY or Die Brewery.
We concentrate on craft and draught.
For local pubs, for local people.
Always keeping our all-seeing eye on creating small batches of big flavoured ales.
We’re Alex, Steve and Ryan. Masters of Brewcraft.
We make Dead Good Beer in an old Slaughterhouse in Warwick. Join us for a drink.

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