New Milk Stout, Out Now!

Slaughterhouse Brewery new milk stout on at the wild boar pub

We launched of our new milk stout a couple of weeks ago with something new for us, We tried a Unfined craft keg (vegetarian-friendly) version of this new milk stout. It went down really well (bit on the cold side for some cask drinkers tastes) but very successful overall. We now have it in cask for you to try and all feed back is welcome.

If you would like to be one of the first to try this new brew come to our pub (The Wild Boar in Warwick) or will be on this week (from 17/10) at (The Old Post Office)

Morther's milk stout image

Please leave your feedback about the beer at the bar as we would love to know what you think (apart from ‘it’s not Titanic stout’).