Saddleback Bitter now at 3.4% alongside the HMRC

Bringing down the price of a pint in the Pub!

At Slaughterhouse Brewery we're making strides to combat the cost-of-living crisis, utilising the government’s new alcohol duty reforms, to work for both landlords and you, the customer!Read more

New Growlers

Coming September!

Really excited about our new refillable growler takeaway beer option.
Get your growlers filled from our range of Slaughterhouse tap beers here at the brewery. From September fill one of our high quality limited edition stainless steel Slaughterhouse branded 2L growlers. Perfect for taking home/sharing with friends!
The sold filp top lid holds the pressure so you don't lose carbonation. The 304 stainless body is durable, reusable, easy to clean, ready for your next fresh fill!

Three Little Pigs pump clip

New Beer - Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs pump clip

Hops, Hops, Hops

A little golden brew that's big on flavour. Crafted using three exciting types of hops, each time we brew we will change the trio of hops to really play with fresh flavours and aromas.

This first batch (Gyle: 2163) is made with Mosaic, Cascade and Topaz hops.

Late hopped in the boil, in the hopback & heavily dry hopped during the conditioning tank.

new SH minikegs

Christmas Shopping Sorted

If you're looking for that extra special gift for your friends or family members this Chrismas then GOOD NEWS we have the perfect thing!

The all new Slaughterhouse Brewery Mini Kegs!

new SH minikegsThese Mini Kegs are 5L (over eight and a half pints) keg conditioned & vegan friendly.

Order via our new online shop and then pick up from The Wild Boar Pub at a time of your convenience.

Selection of beer we have available are:

Only price at £18 per 5L kegSaddleback Mini Keg

Alan a pale hoppy drinker

The Pale Hoppy brewed in memory of Alan

Special beer brewed up in memory of Alan.

Alan Pale Hoppy One The Wild Boar Warwick

Alan Reeve 25/09/1946 - 11/09/2018

A special super hopped version of ‘The Pale Hoppy 4% One’. A good friend and long time regular at our pub 'The Wild Boar’ this beer was originally brew with him in mind and he was roped into tasting it during it's conception a few years ago. Alan was somewhat of the bench mark for pale hoppy beers. In fact his opinion on which of the best of the 10 real ales on the bar was held in such high regard that, if he was in having a pint when people arrived they would simply order at the bar 'I'll have what Alan's drinking'. He wore his accolade with modest pride right up until the point when returning to the bar the beer had ran out because everyone else had drank it all. We hope this is a beer that he would be proud to have his name on!

The Pale Hoppy One The Wild Boar Pub Warwick

Milk Stout by slaughterhouse brewery

Mother's Milk Stout

New Milk Stout, Out Now!

Slaughterhouse Brewery new milk stout on at the wild boar pub

We launched of our new milk stout a couple of weeks ago with something new for us, We tried a Unfined craft keg (vegetarian-friendly) version of this new milk stout. It went down really well (bit on the cold side for some cask drinkers tastes) but very successful overall. We now have it in cask for you to try and all feed back is welcome.

If you would like to be one of the first to try this new brew come to our pub (The Wild Boar in Warwick) or will be on this week (from 17/10) at (The Old Post Office)

Morther's milk stout image

Please leave your feedback about the beer at the bar as we would love to know what you think (apart from 'it's not Titanic stout').

GreenHopper 4.2% Slaughterhouse Brewery

The Green Hopper

Fresh picked and brewed hops. 4.2% Vol.

Green hops pick at the wild boar and in the boilGreenHopper 4.2% Slaughterhouse Brewery

Annually brewed beer made with fresh hops we have grown in the heart of Warwick. Strictly limited numbers available, once it's gone you will have to wait till next year!


The Old Bakery

The Wild Boar Pub

The Old Post Office

(check back soon to see where else you can find The Green Hopper this year)


The Slaughterhouse Brewery announces it's first pub

The Slaughterhouse Brewery confirms discussions are ongoing with Everards Brewery which will lead to the acquisition and development of its first public house in Warwick.

Warwick’s only independent brewer is dedicated to the creation of fine high-quality handcrafted traditional beers and ales and is committed to creating a business which looks to the present and future needs of an ever-changing marketplace.

Steve Ridgway, the Slaughterhouse Brewery Ltd’s Managing Director said “We are naturally excited that we are on the threshold of securing our first public house having considered a number of potential sites over the past eighteen months. Our first pub will showcase not only our own ales but will allow us to develop reciprocal trading arrangements with many like-minded small brewers throughout the region.” It is intended that the pub will feature up to 10 real ales available either on hand pull or free flow dispense and become a focus for real ale enthusiasts throughout the Midlands.

The Slaughterhouse Brewery is renowned for its Saddleback Bitter which is widely available around the Warwick area. The Company’s strongest ale, Wild Boar at 5.2% ABV, was voted Champion Beer of Warwickshire 2007.

Pop by the Wild Boar pub in Warwick to try for yourself.

SIBA Brewery Business Awards 2008 Slaughterhouse Brewery

Rare Breed Initiative wins SIBA Brewing Business Award for the Slaughterhouse Brewery.

The Slaughterhouse Brewery in Warwick has picked up two awards at the prestigious SIBA Brewing Business awards 2008. At a presentation held at the London Institute of Directors, the brewery picked up the award for Best Support for an On Trade Customer, as well as being highly commended overall behind winners Everards.

The Slaughterhouse Brewery launched the ‘Rare Breed Initiative’ at the recent Harbury Beer festival, as a way to encourage, support and reward their excellent local publicans. In addition it is a mechanism to ensure that their beers are served in the finest condition to drinkers.

In order to qualify as a ‘Rare Breed’ pub, at least one Slaughterhouse beer will always be available. In addition, the pubs are regularly inspected by the Brewery to ensure that high standards of beer quality and presentation are maintained. Any customer who enters a pub which proudly displays its distinctive ‘Rare Breed’ plaque will be ensured of finding a Slaughterhouse beer in top condition.

The brewery is also using the initiative to help support the work of the locally based Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Commenting on the award, the judges, including chairman of the judges, Roger Protz, said “The ‘Rare Breed Initiative’ has established a genuinely local point of difference for their participating outlets, and represents an investment of support and quality focus that sets an excellent example for the rest of the industry. The judges were unanimous that such imaginative thinking, put into practice with tangible commercial success for brewery and pubs, richly deserves this years award.

Steve Ridgway at the Brewing Business Awards 2008 SIBA
The 2008 Brewing Business Awards SIBA