Saddleback Bitter now at 3.4% alongside the HMRC

Bringing down the price of a pint in the Pub!

At Slaughterhouse Brewery we're making strides to combat the cost-of-living crisis, utilising the government’s new alcohol duty reforms, to work for both landlords and you, the customer!Read more

Alt Bier from Slaughterhouse Brewery Warwick


A copper coloured bier based on traditional Rhineland altbier. 4.8% Vol.

Short & Curly Beer Slaughterhouse Brewery

Short & Curly

An attractive golden beer. 4.5% Vol.

Short & Curly Beer Slaughterhouse Brewery

Golden brew, made with the addition of lager and Vienna malt to create a beautiful warm gold hue. Slightly sweet taste, balanced off with British Olicana and Admiral hops.